*Payments accepted at time of booking.

*We enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy.

*Additional charges may apply for visits outside of regular business hours (8AM-6PM), visits occurring on holidays, or last minute bookings.

DOG HIKES - $50.00

*A two hour hike in Palos Verdes. Hikes take place on a weekly basis and can be groups. Please contact for more information.


Serving all beach cities


Walk and Train - $45.00
*60-30 minute session. Reinforcing basic walking skills - loose leash walking, heeling, sit, down, stay.


PET SITTING - $80.00
*7PM-7AM overnight in your home. Includes 30 minute evening and morning walks, meals and lots of TLC.

*Additional pet(s) $6.00

*48 hour cancellation policy

​​​​CAT VISIT - $20.00
*Includes playing, feeding, changing water, cleaning litter box. 

PET TAXI - $25.00
*Drop off or pick up transport to daycare or groomer.

VET VISIT - $50.00



15 MINUTES - $17.00

30 MINUTES- $20.00
60 MINUTES - $30.00

*Additional dog - $6.00​ per walk
We offer a complimentary client meeting before beginning dog walking services.